Football Training Pros Welcomes You

As a football coach, you’re torn in a million directions.  As a player, it’s hard to know which football training program is right for you. You certainly understand that your strength training and speed development program must be the absolute best if you’re going to compete at a high level, but how do you know [...]

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Summer Programming Part 3 – Ron McKeefery

Coach McKeefery continues his discussion with the Total Performance staff on summer football programming. Coach has some great insights how he has taken his past experiences and come up with the principles that he feels works best for his current program at Eastern Michigan University.  

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West Virginia Football Strength & Conditioning

When strength coach Mike Joseph arrived at West Virginia in 2008, he and his staff had to change the entire culture of the football team.  They worked diligently to teach proper technique, focusing on details and working efficiently.  The team immediately bought in to the program and West Virginia has become a shining example of [...]

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Summer Programming Part 2 – Ron McKeefery

Coach McKeefery continues his discussion with the Total Performance staff on summer football programming.  Throughout this segment listen in how coach McKeefery discuss how he addresses individual goals with players.  Very insightful stuff on how to get to know your players and help them figure out and achieve their own personal goals.  Enjoy!    

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Summer Programming Part 1 – Ron McKeefery

Summer may have already started, but it’s never too late to analyze what you’re doing and make adjustments if necessary.  Like most coaches, you’ve probably thought long and hard about what your team needs and created a summer program to meet those needs.  If you’ve ever looked for advice on how to organize your summer [...]

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Summer Football Testing

Now that the school year’s coming to an end and summer training is about to start, it’s a good idea to choose some measureable lifts that you’ll focus on over the next few months.  It doesn’t matter what you’ve been doing lately, as it’s always a good thing to evaluate your teams training before heading [...]

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Neck Training with No Equipment for Football

Not every football player has a machine as a means for neck training, however, strengthening the neck can be a part of any training program year round. Manual resistance exercises have been around for decades and more so now than ever they’re being used to consistently implement neck training. These exercises are performed when the [...]

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Coaching the Hip Hinge

The ability to control the lumbo-pelvic region and perform a proper hip hinge is fundamental to many strength training exercises such as the RDL, Clean, Snatch, Deadlift and Bent-Over Row.  It’s probably one of the more difficult things to coach when an athlete has poor control over his pelvis, but teaching this movement can help [...]

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Agility 2

What Happens at an NFL Pro Day

The NFL Scouting Combine is the biggest event of the year for draft-eligible football players, but the combine isn’t the end of the road for these athletes. While only a select number of players get to participate in the combine, every draft-eligible player gets to participate in an NFL Pro Day at their school. Every [...]

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