3 Football Training Finishers

Football training workouts can get bland after doing the same things consistently. It’s important to be using well designed progressions and work on the same “meat and potato” lifts each week, however, it’s good to throw a curveball in there once in a while.  Here are a few “finishers” that you can do after any workout to help break up the monotony, stimulate new gains and promote some competition.

1. 100 Push-Up Finisher

Have players partner up.  One player performs a set of push-ups to failure, while the other waits his turn.  Once the first player is done with their first set, he rests while his partner goes. This is a “you go/I go” tempo.push-ups

The partners perform as many sets to failure as they have to until they both reach 100 reps. The winner is whoever gets to 100 first, but both must finish.

2.  20 Chin-up Finisher

Just like the push-up challenge, but with the goal being 20 good chin-ups. This isn’t meant to be a kipping style chin-up, where they’re done by increasing the momentum and getting it done any way possible.

3.  75 Bi/Tri Finisher

Players can work alone or with someone else. If they choose to work with someone else, it’s you go/I go tempo.  The players choose any curling exercise and any triceps exercise.  They’ll need a weight they can do 10-15 reps with. They’ll need to do as many reps as they can on each set, so if they choose real light, this doesn’t work well. They should keep the same weight for each set.

They need to keep alternating the sets of curls and triceps until they reach 75 reps of each. Have the players roll their sleeves up for this one.push-ups

These are just a few examples of how you can implement some tough and competitive work into the end of a football players workout.  There’s countless football finishers and most of them all have their place. They should be safe and the reps should be good.  Since these types of workouts include a lot of volume, you’ll need to make decisions on when to use an exercise regression. For example, if someone can’t do one good push-up, they may need to put a bar in a squat rack to do push-ups on the bar.  If someone can’t do one good chin-up, they may need to use the pull-down machine or better yet do band-assisted chin-ups. If 100 push-ups is absolutely impossible, start with 50 and make it a goal to get to 100 reps by a certain time.

You’ll have to make adjustments as necessary, but don’t ever give the players something to do if it’s completely impossible to do the right way. That type of finisher is going to cause way more harm than good.

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