Training for Football with the Football Training Pros

Football Training Pros is a collection of some of the top strength coaches in the country, providing information on training for football.  Our goal is to provide information and practical solutions for coaches and athletes training for football.  Sure, we’ll drop some science on you once in a while, but the most important part of any good program is the implementation.  This site will help you get the most our of your football training program by giving you the most up-to-date information about how to train in the safest, most efficient way possible.

Browse through the site and you’ll find information on football strength training, football speed training, plyometrics, coaching, conditioning, nutrition, supplements, position-specific agility drills and much, much more.

The site was created and is managed by Jim Kielbaso, Adam Stoyanoff and Frank Wozny, but the content comes from a variety of contributors.
Jim Kielbaso training for footballJim Kielbaso is a former college strength coach who has written multiple books, produced multiple training videos and is the Director of Total Performance in Wixom, MI where he works with multiple high schools and is involved in training thousands of athletes every year.  A 20-year veteran in the field of strength & conditioning, he has an MS in Kinesiology and speaks at conferences around the country.  In addition to all of this, Jim also runs an NFL Combine Prep course every winter where he has helped multiple players reach the NFL.

Adam Stoyanoff is also a former college football player who spent three years as a strength Adam Stoyanoff of Football Training Proscoach with a major college football program.  He has an MS in Exercise Physiology, is certified through the NSCA and has written dozens of articles about strength and conditioning.  Adam currently works with three high school football programs and works with hundreds of high school athletes every year training for football at Total Performance.  Adam is known as a no-nonsense coach who trains groups with intensity and purpose.

MR SquatFrank Wozny was the captain of a highly successful high school football team before earning a BS in Exercise Science.  He is nearly finished wish his Masters Degree and is certified through the National Strength & Conditioning Association.  Frank trains three high school football teams and is a master at traffic flow with large groups.

The Football Training Pros team of contributors is an all-star cast of strength coaches from all over the country who specialize in training for football, including:

Ted Rath – Detroit Lions

Ken Mannie – Michigan State University

Darl Bauer – University of West Virginia

Freddie Walker – University of Illinois

Corey Twine – University of Michigan

Ron McKeefery – Cincinnati Bengals

Blair Wagner – Eastern Michigan University

Paul Harker – University of Miami-OH

…..and many others.

Look where this information is coming from.  These aren’t some juiced up, tank tops wearing dudes at the local gym telling you what worked for them.  These guys are seasoned professionals who specialize in training for football, and we are giving you direct access to them.

Football Training Pros is the most practical and comprehensive source available for football training program information.  We stick to what we know – training for football – and leave the rest to other pros.

We hope that you enjoy our site, and even more importantly use the information to make your football training program the best it can possibly be.