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Summer Programming Part 3 – Ron McKeefery

Coach McKeefery continues his discussion with the Total Performance staff on summer football programming. Coach has some great insights how he has taken his past experiences and come up with the principles that he feels works best for his current program at Eastern Michigan University.  

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Summer Programming Part 2 – Ron McKeefery

Coach McKeefery continues his discussion with the Total Performance staff on summer football programming.  Throughout this segment listen in how coach McKeefery discuss how he addresses individual goals with players.  Very insightful stuff on how to get to know your players and help them figure out and achieve their own personal goals.  Enjoy!    

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Summer Programming Part 1 – Ron McKeefery

Summer may have already started, but it’s never too late to analyze what you’re doing and make adjustments if necessary.  Like most coaches, you’ve probably thought long and hard about what your team needs and created a summer program to meet those needs.  If you’ve ever looked for advice on how to organize your summer […]

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Penn State Off-Season Video

Former Maryland strength & conditioning coach Dwight Galt is now the Director of Performance Enhancement at Penn State, and they got their new program started a few weeks ago.  Like every program in the country right now, the guys were all excited about the beginning of their program and looking forward to the new style […]

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5 Reasons Why the Role of the Pro Strength Coach is Changing

Over the last five years, I have noticed some gradual changes in the role of the strength and conditioning coach at the professional sports level. Some of my thoughts are based on casual observations, but also frank discussions with coaches who are currently working in the professional ranks, or coaches that have moved on from […]

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Traits of Winning Football Programs: Part 1 of Many

I’m coming off of watching the Stagg Bowl and the DI Football Championships. Watching those games gave me an itch to write something more geared towards football programs in general, not just strength training for football.  I was watching four obviously great programs last night. Seeing them made me think about the cultural differences between […]

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4 Chin-Up Tips for Football Players

If a football player can’t chin-up their own bodyweight, they’re either too weak or too fat.  There’s no need right now to make it more complicated than that.  The argument for excessive size may be made for certain positions, however, even the 300 lb lineman should be able to get 3-5 good chin-ups by the […]

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Using Alternating Sets for Large Group Football Training

There’s a lot to get done in minimal time and usually with less than optimal resources.  Coordinating a complex workout for 25-50+ football players isn’t rocket science. It just needs to be planned out intelligently in order to accomplish everything in the time allotted. Here’s a couple ways to plan your exercises so the players […]

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3 Ways to Develop the Football Intangibles

The weightroom’s a place your players can put on size, increase strength and gain a step. If used correctly, it’s also a place that can develop the intangibles they may need to win.  In so many cases over the years, we’ve witnessed championships won by the programs that demonstrate well-coached physical development and a high […]

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