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How to Work Hard With a Purpose

Hard work and intensity are very desirable qualities in football players, so it’s no surprise that coaches would try to use their training programs to develop them.  In the football training world, there seems to be a growing trend toward making workouts as hard as possible in the name of developing these traits. Unfortunately, many […]

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Weight Lifting Injury

Reducing the Risk of Injuries in the Weight Room

The point of a football strength & conditioning program is to prepare athletes for practice and games.  We want them to be able to practice longer and harder without getting hurt, and play at a high level during competitions. The goals are pretty straightforward, but injuries often de-rail this process. Injuries on the field happen.  […]

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Football player

Training For the Sake of Fatigue: Blair Wagner

American’s have always had a tendency to think that more is better.  We, as football coaches, often fall into the same trap with our training programs.  If a little bit of running is good, more running must be better. If a little bit of strength training is good, more must be better. Logically, we know […]

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