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Football training interviews. Interviews with many of the top coaches in the country are available to learn about football training topics such as strength training, speed training and conditioning.

Kyle Vanden Bosch

Kyle Vanden Bosch talks about Strength & Conditioning

Coaches often like to hear what other coaches think about training, but we rarely take a step back to hear what players think.  High school athletes typically don’t have enough training experience to add a great deal to the conversation, so unless you get to talk to an NFL veteran, you might not have the […]

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Interview with Adam Taylor – Chelsea High School

A lot of our readers deal with high school athletes, so when a highly successful high school strength & conditioning coach stopped by Total Performance, we jumped on the opportunity to talk to him about what has made his program so successful. As you’ll hear him say right off the bat, he doesn’t think his […]

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Interview with Adam Feit

Adam Feit is a former Strength Coach for the Carolina Panther of the NFL and was the Director of Strength & Conditioning at Eastern Michigan University.  Adam also had stints at Louisville and the Citadel.  He is great coach with a lot of knowledge and insight, but he’s been laying kind of low this year […]

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Tennesse Titans Tim Shaw talks about S & C

Like our Kyle Vanden Bosch interview a couple of weeks ago, we stopped NFL vet Tim Shaw after a workout to talk about this experiences with different strength & conditioning coaches, philosophies and workouts. Tim has a unique perspective on S & C because of the diverse programs he’s been involved with. Tim started lifting […]

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