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Nutrition and supplements for football. This section provides information about nutrition for football players and supplements for football players.

Maintaining Weight In-Season

Getting big, strong and jacked up is a priority for many football players during the summer months.  Packing on some mass is a major concern for many football players wanting to take their game to another level. By the end of the summer, most athletes are at their biggest and strongest, and it appears as […]

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Nutrition & Supplements: Pro-Hormone Review

by Tim Steinbacher Pro-hormone supplements have become wildly popular among body builders, athletes and just about anyone who steps into a weight room.I myself have never used them and I never will.It’s said that pro-hormone is a steroid but not as powerful, even though it has all the same side effects.It does not contain testosterone […]

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Review: Caffeine Supplementation

Kyle Shireman – Lock Haven University Caffeine supplementation has come to be a major issue in the sports and exercise world. It is a socially accepted drug, and the supplementation of caffeine has become of concern within the last decade. Traditionally caffeine supplements were directed only towards endurance athletes, but have become popular in other […]

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Nutrition & Supplements: Basics of Creatine Supplementation

Jordan Yohn According to Burke (2007), “Creatine is a naturally occurring compound found in large amounts in skeletal muscle as a result of dietary intake and endogenous synthesis from amino acids.”It is very important to note that the human body can synthesize creatine naturally.The body synthesizes creatine primarily in the liver, but also small amounts […]

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