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This section includes information on speed training for football, agility training for football and football conditioning programs and drills. Speed drills for football and agility drills for football are also covered in videos and articles.

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Understanding Acceleration Mechanics

The ability to accelerate is one of the most important physical attributes an athlete can have.  Acceleration has been shown to highly correlate to on-field success, so it’s important that football coaches learn how to develop this ability.  In this video, Jim Kielbaso teaches the fundamental principles of acceleration mechanics in a way that you […]

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Deceleration Training – Slamming on the Brakes, Part 2

Introduction In Part 1 of this article, we discussed the importance of enhancing the force absorption abilities of your athletes. We addressed the underpinning mechanisms at hand in this all-important factor that can make or break the success that your athletes will ultimately realize in their movements on the field. In this second installment, we […]

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Deceleration Training – Slamming on the Brakes, Part 1

While most coaches concentrate on acceleration techniques, deceleration training may be this missing component to explosive football movement. Introduction                      It happens all the time; we hear about the latest training ‘secret’ that a coach or trainer claims can change the way that we train our athletes and will prove to be the key to […]

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Misuse of Speed and Agility Training – Jim Kielbaso

A lot of people in this field call themselves Strength & Conditioning Coaches. I don’t have a problem with the “Strength” part of the title, but the “Conditioning” part could use a little work.  And, in today’s world where speed and agility training is a priority, many coaches need to brush up on their skills. […]

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