Strength Talk with Seattle Seahawks DE Cliff Avril

If a coach is going to talk about strength & conditioning, most of the time we talk to other coaches.  Rarely do we ask a player for his input on what he likes and dislikes, but whyCliff Avril, Colin Kaepernick not?  It’s one thing to ask a high school sophomore, but if you have the ability to talk to a player who has seen plenty of different programs and training styles, you just might learn something.

After a workout with Jim Kielbaso at Total Performance, we talked to Seattle Seahawks DE Cliff Avril (while he was still with the Detroit Lions) about his experiences with strength & conditioning programs.  Cliff is a pretty easy going guy, and he doesn’t mind going with the flow of a workout, but even someone like Cliff has things he likes and dislikes.  For example, Cliff doesn’t squat.  Many coaches would think that would be a huge detriment to his performance, but Cliff is one of the most explosive defensive ends in the game.

Cliff had some solid insights into training and coaching, and he even had some things to say about the way high school coaches approach training.  Check it out.

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