Kyle Vanden Bosch talks about Strength & Conditioning

Coaches often like to hear what other coaches think about training, but we rarely take a step back to hear what players Kyle Vanden Boschthink.  High school athletes typically don’t have enough training experience to add a great deal to the conversation, so unless you get to talk to an NFL veteran, you might not have the opportunity to hear from an experienced player.

Well, we did just that.

After one of his workouts at Total Performance, Jim talked to former Detroit Lions All-Pro and legendary Defensive End Kyle Vanden Bosch about his experiences with different strength coaches.  Kyle has gone through a lot in his career, and he has dealt with several strength coaches.  From his college days at Nebraska, through stints with the Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Titans and the Detroit Lions, he has seen just about everything.

Kyle is also widely regarded as one of the most intense and hard-working players the NFL has ever seen.  His peers and coaches have the utmost respect for him because his work ethic is unparalleled.  Many of his teammates credit him with Instead of always talking to strength coaches about what THEY like to do, we thought we’d ask an experienced athlete what HE has liked and disliked.  This is a great learning opportunity for any coach to hear what an athlete thinks, and who better to ask about this than Kyle?

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