Push-Up Progression

Push Up Baby

Even babies want to do push-ups!  But, they’re not as easy as they look for some people.  Many athletes struggle to do even one perfect push up, but it’s a versatile exercise that every football player should be able to do.  Unfortunately, when you have an entire team do push ups, it’s very difficult to correct every kid.

There’s no doubt that you have guys who can’t do push ups very well.  They can’t get all the way down.  Their butt sticks up in the air.  Their elbows flare out way too far.  You’ve seen it all.

When an athlete has a difficult time performing a push up, it’s easy to find yourself at a loss for words.  In fact, most of the time, we never stop to fix the problem, so these kids end up doing bad push ups for years and never really progress.  Fortunately, exercises like chin-ups and push-ups can be successful with well designed progressions, but it takes time and effort.

Eastern Michigan S & C Coach Blair Wagner came up with a great way to progress push-ups for someone having difficulty doing even one good rep. Check out the video below to see how Coach Wagner uses bands to assist with the execution of push-ups.

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    Very cool, thanks for sharing.

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