Using Alternating Sets for Large Group Football Training

There’s a lot to get done in minimal time and usually with less than optimal resources.  Coordinating a complex workout for 25-50+ football players isn’t rocket science. It just needs to be planned out intelligently in order to accomplish everything in the time allotted.


Here’s a couple ways to plan your exercises so the players can possibly get more accomplished in their time and even stress their energy systems more appropriately for football.

We’ve probably all heard the term “Monster-Set” or “Super-Set”. Whatever it’s called, it’s just alternating exercises. The lifter performs one set of the first exercise and then a set of the second exercise. They keep alternating like this until all sets are finished.

A super-set is typically a pressing movement paired with a pulling movement. Here are some examples:

1. Bench Pres + Chin-Ups

2. DB Incline Press + DB Row

3. Leg Press + Leg Curl

A monster-set’s usually an upper body pressing movement, grouped together with an upper body pulling movement and then a lower body pressing movement, like this:

1. Bench Press + Chin-Ups + Leg Press

2. Push-Ups + Machine Row + DB Single Leg Squat


Here’s an example of how I’ve written a workouts before with several alternating exercises. It would look just like this on a dry-erase or chalk board.

If you look at the nature of the exercises, they compliment each other well. One doesn’t negatively impact the other. The examples of the exercises I gave you are good examples, but how you use these types of sets is completely up to you. The most important principle here is to alternate sets of exercises.

Here’s how alternating 2 exercises looks during a real workout….

The super-set you’re using is one that I mentioned before, bench press & chin-ups.

Lets say you have 4 double-sided squat racks.  One side is set up for bench press and the other is set for chin-ups.  You have 12 football players and their split into 4 groups of 3.  Each rack has 3 players at it.

One player does his set of bench press while another spots. The 3rd player waits.  Once the lifter is finished with his set of bench, he hustles to chin-ups. The player that was spotting gets down to bench while the player that was waiting now spots him.

Everyone starts with bench press. They go from bench press to chin-ups and back to bench press, until they finish however number of sets they’re supposed to get.

Now they’re moving around and training efficiently.  There’s no need to have players standing around waiting to use something when they can alternate two or more exercises. I hope this helps a bit when you’re planning the off-season football lifts and please feel free to share or ask more specific football training questions.

Quick Tip: Alternating two exercises, where the first exercise needs a spotter (like bench press), works very well with a group of 3 players. It gives 2 out of the 3 players work to be doing at any given time. When the group is bigger you’ll find the pace of the workout and productivity increased by adding another exercise. There will be less standing around when you use monster-sets with groups of 4 or more.



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