September Workout of the Month

In the spirit of in-season football workouts, September’s Workout of the Month is a 20-minute total body 2-day split.

Why only 20 minutes?  We work with teams that allow for very limited training time and the facilities don’t allow for much variety.  When this is the case, this workout is perfect.

It’s extremely important to continue strength training throughout the season, and we know that time’s a hot commodity when preparing for the next opponent. Your in-season program needs to be very efficient so you get the biggest “bang for your buck.”

These workouts are progressive, comprehensive, and efficient. They’ll allow strength gains to continue and they won’t cost unnecessary time.


It’s appropriate to decrease volume and carefully increase intensity during in-season lifts.

How the workout is implemented is ultimately up to you. Exercises that can be alternated are blocked together. The movements are opposing in nature and one won’t tax the other negatively. For example, after the first set of bench press the lifter goes to chins and then back to bench press.  Think of it as pushing & pulling, where each exercise uses different muscles.  This sort of rotation works well with 3-4 man groups and will allow the barbell lift to always have a spotter.

Don’t let the workout card turn into a distraction. To keep things simple, but still progressive, the same weight should be used for each set. The last set of each exercise should be completed to failure, while maintaining good form. Just try to get as many reps as possible on the last set of each exercise.  When all sets and reps can be completed with the same weight, increase the weight minimally for the next workout.  Very small increases in the weight is all we’re looking for.

If the rep-range for the exercise says “MAX”, do as many reps as possible on every set, but only record the first set of the exercise.

MR stands for Manual Resistance.

Click here for the September 2013 Strength Workout of the Month

Train Hard and Smart,

Adam Stoyanoff MS, CSCS

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